ISOC-JP の会員になるには、ISOC の会員になる必要があります(無料会員有)/ Member MUST be a member of ISOC. If not, please register now.

ISOC-JP への登録方法 / How to register

以下のページから、ISOC 会員登録が可能です/ You can join ISOC from ISOC member registration page.

会員登録後、以下のように Chapter への登録をお願いします。/ You can join ISOC-JP as follows:

1. Go to "Member login" at:

2. When you are logged in, you click "Join a Chapter".  It will take you to a list of the chapters, with a tick box beside each chapter name.

3. Tick the "Japan chapter:" to join the Japan chapter.

4.  Your application will be approved by a member of the Japan Chapter secretariat.

以上でISOC Japan Chapterへの登録は完了です.

Registration to the ISOC Japan Chapter is complete.


After this, a notification is sent to the ISOC-JP secretariat from the system of ISOC, registration to the mail list for members is done by the person in charge of ISOC-JP Secretariat.


It may take some time until the mail list registration from the notifications that are sent from the system of ISOC, but please wait for a while.