202212 ISOC-JP 役員選挙結果 / Result of 202212 officers election of Internet Society Japan Chapter (ISOC-JP)

(English follows)




  • 選挙権保持者数 254 (2022年11月17日日本時間午前0時現在)
  • 電子投票による有効投票数 37
  • 無効票数 0
候補者名(敬称略) 電子投票得票数 順位
小林 茉莉子 27 1
中島 博敬 15 3
藤崎 智宏 21 2

となりましたので、2023年ISOC日本支部役員には、以下の方々(50音順)が選出されました。定款Article IV条3項の規定により、当選者の方の任期は2年となります。

  • 小林 茉莉子 氏
  • 藤崎 智宏 氏



ISOC-JP 2022年度投票管理者
木村 泰司

Dear ISOC-JP Members,

Please let us inform the results of 2023 officers election that the counting of votes were held in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Internet Society Japan Chapter held in 13 December 2022.

Scrutineers: Ms. Kumi Takahashi and Mr. Korry Luke
Vote Administrator (Electronic voting): Taiji Kimura

  • Number of voting rights : 254 (as of 17 November, 2022 0:00AM UTC+9)
  • Number of valid ballots (electoronically-voted) : 37
  • Number of invalid ballots : 0
Candidates Electronic Votes Ranking
Ms. Mariko Kobayashi 27 1
Mr. Hirotaka Nakajima 15 3
Mr. Tomohiro Fujisaki 21 2

As a result, the following candidates have been elected. As stated in Article IV, 3. of the bylaws, elected candidates will have two-year term.

  • Ms. Mariko Kobayashi
  • Mr. Tomohiro Fujisaki

In the AGM, when ballot counting was proceeded, we had two scrutineers in the election.

The results are also available on the website:

Taiji Kimura
ISOC-JP 202212 Vote Administrator